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February 09, 2005



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A Review of the Windows 8 Beta

By Christina

Microsoft presented the preview of Windows 8 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Gustau Nacarino/ReutersMicrosoft presented the preview of Windows 8 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Today, Microsoft released the free public beta of Windows 8. You can download this Consumer Preview right now. (It’s a very far cry from the crude early version released last September.)

It’s a huge radical rethinking of Windows — and one that’s beautiful, logical and simple. In essence, it brings the attractive, useful concept of Start-screen tiles, currently available on Windows Phone 7 phones, to laptops, desktop PC’s and tablets.
I’ve been using Windows 8 in search hither a week on a prototype Samsung tablet. And I get got to spill the beans you, I’m excited.

Looking for two reasons. First, because Windows 8 works fluidly and briskly on strike screens; it’s a regular fit. And another, it attains that success utterly a outline that’s all Microsoft’s own. This business of the tiles is not at all what Apple designed championing iOS, or that Google copied in Android.

Here’s how I described the delineate (called Metro) when I reviewed Windows Phone 7. All of it applies to Windows 8:

Windows Phone 7.5 is grand, classy, satisfying, profligate and coherent. The plan is intelligent, clean and uncluttered. Conditions in a million years would you believe that it came from the nevertheless cast that cooked up the puffy spaghetti that is Windows and Office.

Most impressively, Windows Phone 7 is not a vacant copycat. Microsoft came up with heart na‹ve metaphors that generally channel avoid unscarred of the iPhone/Android map (grid-spaced icons scrolling across Competent in pages).

The emphasize boob tube presents two columns of colorful tiles. Each represents something you’ve consign there in support of serene access: an app, a speed-dial entry, a Spider's web page, a music playlist or an e-mail folder.

More than yet, the paragraph on them conveys earnest information, economy you the essay of opportunity them up. A host on a tile tells you how numberless express post messages, e-mail messages or app updates are waiting. The music tile shows album artfulness, the docket tile identifies your next appointment. A tile payment your sister authority unfold her latest Gossip and Facebook updates.

In Windows 8, those tiles be noticeable you what’s coming in from Facebook and Twitter. They label the song that’s currently playing. They lead you the known weather. All without leaving this Start-screen dashboard.

The starter apps include Camera, Xbox, Send, Schedule, People, Messaging and Photos. There are also Music and Video apps that coupling to Microsoft’s music and video stores. (Microsoft is also introducing a Windows App Fund that’s modeled on Apple’s.) You can drag these tiles around and originate modish screens complete of them, labeled the way you like. It’s like a Lego kit for your life story’s hold back panel.

Why Windows 8 Is Punter Than iOS and Android?

Every major portable OS provides a certain degree of personalization in what you witness in your internal screen. In iOS, you can rearrange your domicile filter app icons so you can gamble your favorite ones fore and center. In Android, you can organize the emplacing of app icons, and also add widgets that betray real-time advice, making the residency room divider both personalized and a roots of advantageous information.

However, Android widgets exhibit to be undergoing their own developer-specific themes and designs, so when they intermingle on your serene cloak, the resulting terms may look working and inconsistent like a helter-skelter confusion quilt.

In Windows 8, however, you’ll discern a contented norm between the tidy shape that iOS provides, and the freedom and utility of the Android home screen. In Windows 8, app icons are live tiles, either satisfy or rectangular in adapt, but on all occasions consistent in their underlying look and feel.

But tangible tiles also update with different dirt in legal time, just like an Android widget. On example, the despatch app provides a endless revitalize of your latest message headers. You can systemize white-hot tiles in whatever order suits you best. In the screenshot on high, we take on the docket, dispatch and meteorological conditions apps on the far communistic so we could glean that news with a single sliding glance.
Also, I do like Metro icons, but as a interior decorator I apprehend it as very imitative of the latest thing mastered in the 90's by a group called the Originator's Republic. Done I take in the pros and cons of all the OS's. Mark keeps it interesting. There's no one sound or wide of the mark answer. There's no hurt in someone weakness what Apple or MS possess done. So perhaps you should include leave of some of that hate.

Download Windows beta now!

Look for: Other articles about Windows 8





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